Amazon PPC Basics Masterclass


Join us for a PPC Basics Masterclass and learn how to:

– Create & Manage Campaigns
– Interpret Results & Make Bidding Decisions
– Increase Sales & Lower ACOS
– Use Automated Software to Maximize Time

The Course takes place in a private facebook group where you can watch our step-by-step videos, ask questions, and download helpful guides to implement what you’ve learned in your Seller Central Campaign Manager.

Read more about why we created this course to address the most common mistakes and misunderstandings sellers experience below…


Spending too much money on Amazon Sponsored Products Ads? Our masterclass is designed to address the most common PPC mistakes sellers make:

  1. Listing Optimization – we’ll teach you why having an optimized listing helps your PPC advertising be more effective, cost less, and lead to more conversions
  2. Match Types and Duplicate Bidding – the reason you’re often spending too much money on PPC ads is because you don’t understand how the match types work, when to use them, how much to bid, and the reasons behind this. Our course will give you tips to understand what to bid on, how much to bid, and why
  3. Not Bidding Enough – many sellers don’t know how much to bid on a keyword or how high to set their budgets for maximum effectiveness. We’ll explain how to set your bids and budgets to increase sales conversions, and lower your ACOS
  4. Targeting – It’s important to understand what type of targeting to use for your product so that when customers see your ad and click on it, they make a buying decision. We’ll teach you how to effectively target your customers with long tail keywords as well as how to target competitor products
  5. PPC Management and Optimization – We’ve reviewed hundreds of Amazon advertising campaigns and most are unorganized, contain too many duplicate keywords across multiple campaigns, or have keywords paused that could lead to sales if effectively managed. We’ll teach you how to setup, optimize, and manage your campaigns using automated software so that you can maximize your time, money, and savings on ad spend

Course Curriculum

  1. Evaluate the Market, Competition & Cost  
    1. Evaluate Your Keywords – In order for PPC to be effective, you’ll want to ensure your placing your ads under the correct keywords where customers will click on them. This includes understanding what keywords are most relevant to your product, your organic placement, as well as identifying long tail keywords with more buying power 
    2. Evaluate Your Listing – Once customers click on your ad, you want them to convert into buyers! This means having an optimized listing. We’ll teach you how to evaluate your listing against your competitors and ensure that it is optimized for the search engine so you show up organically in as many searches as possible
    3. Evaluate your Cost Per Click to Sales Price Ratio – For PPC to be most effective, you’ll want your average CPC to be a maximum of 6% of the sales price. 
  2. PPC Basics 
    1. Terminology – What are the basic terms you see in the campaign manager and what do they mean
    2. Match Types – Broad, Phrase, Exact Matches and Product Targeting 
    3. Bidding – How the bidding system works, how you win bids and rank for keywords 
    4. ACOS – How to figure out how much you’re spending on Ads compared to sales and how to set a target ACOS for profitability
    5. Campaign Manager Navigation and Filters – Understanding how to navigate the Amazon Campaign manager and applying filters to create the right picture of your data
  3. Creating your Campaigns
    1. Auto Campaigns
    2. Manual Keyword Campaigns
    3. Manual Product Campaigns
    4. Finding the Right Keywords
    5. Finding the right product targets
    6. Campaign Structures for Launch and Ongoing Sales
    7. Using Software to Create Campaigns
  4. Optimizing your Campaigns
    1. Checking Ad Placement and Conversions
    2. Making Bidding Decisions
    3. Adjusting Campaign Budgets 
    4. Interpreting Advertising Reports for new keywords
    5. Using Software to Optimize Campaigns
  5. Bringing it all Together – Setting and Reaching Goals
    1. Understanding Various Goals for PPC (Launch, seasonal sales, brand awareness, ongoing sales, etc)  
    2. Setting and Achieving Your Target ACOS
    3. Ranking for Keywords
  6. Introduction to Advanced Tactics – We’re giving you a sneak peek into our PPC advanced course so you can learn how to take it to the next level.


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